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Since 1st January 2018, the Energy Transition Act has been in force, making the Mobility Plan compulsory for companies with more than 100 employees on the same site. The Mobility Plan allows to bring new services to employees and to federate them around a common and sustainable project.

Bluely can help you to meet these requirements by providing you with the following services:

  • 250 electric cars
  • More than 100 stations in Lyon Metropole
  • A reservation system: for the car and the parking spot on arrival



You can reserve a car 30 minutes in advance
and a parking spot 60 minutes in advance.

How does it work?


I register my company


I send the required documents


I invite my collaborators


I receive their badges, they can use the service now

The required documents


On behalf of the collaborators:

  • K-bis extract less than 3 months
  • An attestation from a person mentioned on the K-BIS extract designating the manager
  • The identity card of the manager
  • If the company opts for payment by direct debit: the company's RIB
  • Driver's license + ID (Passport or ID card)
An all-inclusive package
  • Car/parking spot reservation
  • Insurance
  • Parking
A simple management
  • Control and monitoring of user consumption in real time
  • Optimal billing adjustment at the end of the month