Comment ça marche ?

Abonnement 1

I subscribe

On this website or the app, I upload my driving licence, an ID and I register a means of payment. And it's done!

Subscription lasts few minutes

I receive
my badge

The badge is delivered in the days ahead (around 6 days).

I can collect a temporary badge at a subscription kiosk.

New : I add my Bluely badge on my Técély badge. So I have 1 badge to use both services.

A badge is required to use the service
Abonnement 2
Abonnement 3

I download
Bluely app

With the app, I locate the stations and reserve my car and/or my parking lot. Reservations last 30min for the car and 1h for the parking lot.

Don't forget to turn on notifications

I get
a car

I arrive at Bluely station, I badge and get in the Bluecar. Electric and with an automatic transmission, I drive serenely.

I badge and I start my rental
Abonnement 4
Abonnement 5

I return
the car

Arrived at the station, I plug the car, I badge and voilà! My rental has ended.

With more than 100 stations in and around Lyon, I go where I want.

I park at the arrival station then I badge

You can reserve an EV and a parking spot in advance.

Insurance is included in the rental price.

Our cars are full electric, they do not emit CO2.

You benefit from an assistance
24/7 in the car

I subscribe