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Bluely Bluely

La Bluecar en location à Lyon, l'avenir de l'automobile

Économique, Écologique, Agréable
visuel economique

100% electric, the BlueCar does not emit any polluting particles and consumes zero fuel.

Equipped with an automatic gearbox and a 50KW electric motor, it has dynamic and progressive acceleration, which makes the BlueCar flexible and highly efficient in traffic.

It’s as enjoyable for the driver as it is for the 3 passengers. Passersby who watch the BlueCar glide past in silence appreciate the benefits of silence and the lack of direct pollution.

La technologie : une batteire, des connexions
Batterie LMP

La batterie LMP

What makes the BlueCar radically different from any other car until now is that its LMP (Lithium Metal Polymer) battery is 85% RECYCLABLE.

Unique in the worldUnique in the world, it provides the BlueCar with autonomy unheard of for an electric car. For an equivalent weight, this battery, which comes straight from the Bolloré Group’s factories, holds 5 times more more energy than other batteries andis recharged in 8 hours. It is also safer, thanks to its ‘solid state’ design.

La voiture 100% connectée

GPS, radio and its internet connection to the BlueLy station database make the BlueCar a whole new proposition :

> it can guide you and find and reserve parking spaces..

> In Lyon it is connected to the OnlyMoov’ traffic alerts. Its chip card reader also means it can recognise users for a personalised welcome !